Our interpreters are fully qualified experts who are registered with the appropriate category associations. Clients are kindly invited to meet up with the interpreter beforehand. Briefing is valuable work and at times specific glossaries need to be drawn up.
Interpreters are selected according to specific professional qualifications; they must belong to specialised associations. They are all qualified and specialise in simultaneous translation, consecutive translation and chuchotage.

Interpreters prepare carefully before each task that is entrusted to them, by asking the client/customer for specific material, by following their previous experience, or by consulting specialised websites.

The desire to build a collaborative relationship with the client/customer is essential, in order to not only meet their expectations, but also to work together to solve problems.


  • Simultaneous +

    Simultaneous interpreting is performed in an acoustically-isolated booth equipped with headphones and a microphone.
  • Consecutive +

    Consecutive interpreting is performed in the physical presence of the interested parties, the interpreter listens to what the speaker says and translates, in sections, into the other language.
  • Chuchotage +

    Chuchotage is simultaneous translation whispered into the ear of the listener, and is performed in the physical presence of the interested parties without the support of any technical equipment or systems.
  • Briefing day +

    A day requested by the customer to provide the interpreter with indications on the specific terminology that will be used at the conference.
  • Jours chômés +

    Days of a work assignment in a location other than the interpreter’s usual one, on which the interpreter does not work.
  • Manque-à-gagner +

    Compensation paid to an interpreter when the latter has to spend the most part of a day travelling or returning from the location of the work assignment.
  • Full board & lodging +

    Board and lodging expenses are paid by the customer, rather than being charged on a daily rate.
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